Customers First!


"I invited Tim Jeffries to work with our values-based team to develop a multi-year strategic plan for our rapidly-growing company.  With a focused eye on performance and excellence, Jeffries helped us identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  In close collaboration with our leadership team, Jeffries also helped us clarify our vision, mission, values, strategic goals and priority initiatives.  During the spirited process to develop our strategic plan, we worked hard to complete the critical project, and we had 'pfun' while doing it."

Dan Haugland, Founder and CEO, BestBill, Inc.


"I have served as a senior executive with Tim Jeffries at four different companies: a NASDAQ-traded Fortune 250 company; a NYSE-traded Fortune 50 company; an eCommerce start-up funded by Softbank, Intel, Cisco, Dell and H.P.; and a NASDAQ-traded mobile electronics company.  Jeffries has never tired from improving operating performance and results by driving higher levels of accountability and team esprit de corps.  Consequently, upon completing my leveraged buyout (LBO) of Magma, I invited Jeffries to serve as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Mission Technology Group, Inc. (dba "Magma").  I also asked him to lead the development of Magma's strategic plan and priority initiatives.  As expected, Jeffries completed his work quickly, and elevated team focus and morale in the process.  He is an incredible asset for my company, and one of my closest confidants."

Randy Jones, Chairman and CEO, Mission Technology Group, Inc. (dba "Magma")


"Tim Jeffries provided strategic and tactical support services for Arete Sleep Health for several fiscal quarters.  His focus on performance and commitment to excellence were critical to our ongoing efforts to capitalize on the compelling market opportunity in the rapidly-growing sleep industry.  Jeffries' abilities to build trust-based relationships with Arete team members and bring out the best in people were invaluable in driving positive change in our company."

Anthony Baumann, President, Arete Sleep Health, LLC


"Carlisle Enterprises, LLC, is a mid-tier private equity investment firm with a 15 year track record of outstanding M&A performance and results for our investment partners.  We met Tim Jeffries in the fall of 2006, and invited him to serve as a member of our Small Business Initiative (SBI) due diligence team for an acquisition we completed in June 2007.  Jeffries worked tirelessly throughout the due diligence and closing process.  He demonstrated a keen awareness of the opportunities to optimize the venture, and a seasoned sensitivity to the risks of change.  As a result, we invited Jeffries to serve as the Chairman of the Board of the "SBI" acquisition.  Jeffries has served ably and effectively in this strategic role.  Overall, Jeffries has proved to be a valuable and trusted member of our investment partnership.  In September 2007, we invited Jeffries to become a Limited Partner (LP) with our mergers and acquisitions firm."

David Canedo, Managing Director, Carlisle Enterprises, LLC


"When I served as the Chairman of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I asked Tim Jeffries, a fellow board member and trusted colleague, to serve on three distinguished board committees.  Jeffries was an effective and influential member of the CEO Search Committee.  Jeffries enthusiastically led the Ad Hoc Board Committee charged with setting performance standards for the Board of Directors.  Furthermore, Jeffries ably led the Ad Hoc Board Committee charged with revamping the process and standards for political endorsements and campaign expenditures for our statewide business advocacy group.  As a result of his exemplary commitment and service to the Arizona Chamber, Jeffries was recognized as the "Volunteer of the Year" at our Annual Meeting on June 22, 2007."

Steve Twist, Past Chairman, Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry